When life makes you choose between your husband and your best friend, you learn to beat the system.

We all have that best friend, that ride or die, the yin to your yang, the one you can just look at and know what they’re thinking. For some that might their husband, others maybe a childhood friend or a sibling, but for me, it’s my 94lb pit mix, Blue. A little back story on Blue, she has been the only constant in my life for seven years. She has been there for me during my lowest and darkest moments, and I oftentimes realize how saving her life kept me from taking my own.

So you can imagine the dilemma…

The beautifully organized chaos that we call the holidays.

Ah, the holidays! A wonderful time of year to spend with your family and the ones you love. For me, that means bringing my sidekick, Blue along. From packing to driving to the stay at my parent’s house and everything in between, is beyond challenging with her. Would it be easier to leave her behind? Probably. But she is my family! And it wouldn’t be Christmas with my family if my biggest supporter wasn’t there.

While the packing may seem like the most tedious, it is actually the easiest part for me. Making that pre-travel list of all of the…

At a time in my life when I needed stability, $5.00 proved to be all that it cost.

Blue 2021

Seven years ago I walked into an animal shelter in Connecticut with the intention of adopting my first puppy. A grey and white pit bull puppy named Blue (named after his blue nose). I had already picked him out and had his bed and food bowl stand monogrammed with his name on it. There had been a waiting list to adopt him, the shelter told me, and I just happened to be the first person on the list. I had already come and met him, held him, played with him, and was ready to pay the $5.00 …

When did saying ‘hello’ to someone at a bar become weird?

There is no question that dating changed during the 2020 pandemic, online dating was the only kind of dating! But now that the world is slowly returning back to normal, how come dating isn’t? How come we can return to concerts, and parties and can’t approach someone closer than 6 feet and say hello without it being creepy or being caught off guard?

As a single woman in her early 30’s I can fully attest to the statement that online dating is exhausting. You find someone who is mutually physically attracted to you, you exchange hello’s and explain your hobbies…

We all have the ideal dream job in mind, but when it comes to locking that job down, these seemingly obvious points are often overlooked and could cost you that job! Below are the top 10 things NOT to do at your interview to ensure leaving the best impression!

1. Do not dress inappropriately!

While this one might seem like a no-brainer, many people often forget to dress for the job you want! You would dress in a nice suit for an interview at a corporate office but likely wouldn’t want to wear your best suit to an interview to be a soccer coach or a fisherman. Dress for the job you WANT, and that might mean wearing workout clothes, or golf attire!

2. Do not be late!

Your punctuality at your interview will give the employer a pretty good idea of overall punctuality. If you’re late for an…

Don’t let those fad diets and expensive shakes replace what your body actually needs!

With the thousands of different Fad diets circulating throughout the internet today, we often seem to be wondering what the most effective method really is. Breakfast smoothies and detox teas seem to be taking the spotlight in the social media world right now, but what science do we have behind that? Is your body using those properly, and in the way the Instagram influencers are telling you it does?

Let’s back up to the basic science of it. The digestion process in your stomach is activated by chewing. When you start chewing, your body produces saliva, a digestive byproduct that…

Nikki Steponkus


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